The Amish Community

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As the world changes rapidly with new technology, medicine, and inventions the Amish remain almost exactly how they have always been. While the world around their almost secluded community develops they remain the same. This poses the question is their lack of development what helps them remain peaceful and grounded or is it just another aspect that makes their communities unique. The Amish are one of the most well known almost completely peaceful societies. The Amish are a unique community and there are many factors that need to be understood to understand how they have managed to remain peaceful after many years some of these factors include: the origins of their beliefs, gender relations, economy, living style, how they avoid and resolve…show more content…
Most Amish are exempt from Social Security tax because they believe it is commercial insurance. Most elderly Amish trust in their church and that they will be taken care of in their old age without Social Security and Medicare. However, the Amish do pay two school taxes for both public and private Amish schools.
The Amish’s main reason for avoiding conflict and war is their belief that they are forbidden by Christ to be a part of warfare. The demonstrate this belief by not defending themselves when attacked and if they have a hostile neighbor they often choose to move instead of engaging in conflict. Although for the most part the Amish do not engage in conflict there has been a recent incident where a dissident Amish group did.
A time where the Amish community experienced conflict was in 2011 in Ohio when a dissident group started cutting off the hair and beards of men and cutting women’s hair short… This is incredibly disrespectful to their beliefs. Bishop Mullet led the group. He had a violent history with his family and is an exception to the norm when it comes to the Amish behavior and
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What prevents them from religious conflict is their inclusive nature. They are very accepting of others who are not Amish or Christian. It would be interesting to find out if there are any applications of the Amish culture to be used in modern day society to help become more peaceful. Perhaps their work ethic or their pacifist views. Although the Amish make up only a very small portion of North America, with a population around 251,000, they have managed to more than double since 1989 and they are expected to double again in about 21
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