The Amistad Movie: Slavery In The Movie

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Introduction: Amistad Movie is about some slaves that were suffering and some american people help them to come back on Afrcica the movie was filmed in 1977 and it was produced byb Steven Spielberg.

Purpose of topic sentence
Amistad Movie the autor is David Franzoni the setting is in The United States Cuba and Africa
Plot: Slaves whre prisioners in the Amistad Boat so then they scape from their chaince and kill the sapnish crew man , then they try to force some spanish crew man to get back to Africa but they get to united states then a U.S Navy capture the Amistad boat and the slaves then te slaves where taked to jail and a trail started to know what to do with the slaves then they debating if the Spanish man comeback to spain with the
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He died in February 23 of 1948 he was the sixth president of the united states Adams shaped U.S. foreign policy using his ardently nationalist commitment to U.S. republican values. As a diplomat, Adams played an important role in negotiating key treaties, most notably the Treaty of Ghent, which ended the War of 1812. As Secretary of State, he negotiated with Britain over the United States' northern border with Canada, negotiated with Spain the annexation of Florida, and drafted the Monroe…show more content…
He was the first President not born a British subject, or even of British ancestry.[2] He was a descendant of Cornelis Maessen of the village of Buurmalsen, near the town of Buren in the Netherlands, who had come to North America in 1631 and had purchased a plot of land on Manhattan Island; his son Martin Cornelisen took the surname Van
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