Amphitheater Accomplishments

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The amphitheater was full of people when Stephanie walked in to take her final exam before graduation. She hoped that some of the experiments she had done during her three years of studying would made it easier to graduate and not worry about grades. However every one of her professors told her the same exact thing, ’’Despite your achievements you still need good grades to graduate top of your class. We value your efforts to create new elements or make a difference in this world but you need to read your textbooks and pass your classes to have academic success. She had passed all her other classes leaving quantum physics as the last course because she found it less interesting than all the others. Her goal in life was to become a scientist…show more content…
All her fear appeared to be in vain when the test was surprising easy especially for the final course. Stephanie left the campus relieved and prepared to start the papers she needed to graduate and afterwards to look for a job. Although she was contented about her success in the exam in the same time she had a weird feeling she was being followed. The coffee shop in the corner of the street she went to every day hopefully would make her feel safe for the time being. She ordered her favorite hot chocolate and took a seat near the window. As soon as she started drinking a tall suited man approached her and sat next to her at her table. ‘’I’m very sorry for the intrusion Miss Jones but I would like a moment of your time. I am agent Coulson and I am here to offer you a job.’’ The man stopped and took a look around the shop noticing that it was empty and nobody could hear in their conversation. ‘’I work for the government in the Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division.’’ ‘’And let me guess my first task for you will be to memorize all of this. I’m sorry I am afraid it will take some time.’’ Stephanie interrupted her future
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