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The Analects is a collection of sayings and ideas believed to be written by the great philosopher Confucius and his contemporaries. Although the Analects has little to none prejudice against women, there is a certain verse that stands out. In verse 17.25 Confucius states that women and small children are difficult to nurture. If you are too close to them, they become noncompliant. If you are too distant from them, then they begin to resent you. What Confucius is trying to say is that women are very emotional and fragile beings. This sentiment is seen through the early history of China as women are constantly depicted as unfit and highly emotional rulers. Such as Yang Guifei who spend a plethora of imperial money buying fruits she wanted. Yang Guifei was the name bestowed upon Yang Yuhuan after she achieved the highest rank of imperial consort. Most of her power came from her being favored by the emperor. Even when she was banished from the palace he still loved her. This love for Yang Guifei influenced many of the decisions that Emperor Xuanzong made. His ministers were concerned that his mind was clouded and it was affecting his ability to rule the empire. He would spend money sending her imperial meals and having her ride horses instead of buying items necessary for the empire. Yang Guifei intercedes with the decision to send…show more content…
Although, in her case, there was a struggle to gain and maintain supreme power. Her leadership resulted in effects such as the social class in Chinese society and relation to state support for Buddhism. Unlike most women, Wu Zetian was seen as ruthless and power hungry. Which shows that women who are able to abandon their “womanly” traits are the ones who are able to gain and maintain the most power. She seems to follow a similar route of other women in power who have all started out as concubines or consorts to

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