The Analybility Of Child Development And The Development Of Children

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Population of the world is increasing every day. Our natural resources are decreasing. If the population continues to increase, world will be unliveable. We do not need high population. We need well-qualified population. Also, being a parent has lots of responsibilities. It is very hard to be a parent. Moreover, raise a good child is harder. Parents’ economic situation, mental situation and their attitudes towards child affects child in many ways. We do not want to children suffer or have psychological problems. We should teach parents how they should raise their children, and after this education give them a license for having a child. Campbell (1992) argues that after some educational program which is about child growth and development, parents wanted to continue and expand this program to other schools within the area. Some people may think that it is not acceptable to be required to get a license to become parents because state does not have an authority on how people should raise their children, or government cannot decide if people are able to have a child because human offsprings are belong to their parents, and government cannot decide how people should behave in their homes, and cannot regulate it. However, human offsprings are belong to the society as they are belong to their parents. Every people grow in a society, so we cannot think of the children without a society. Thus, government should regulate the society, not the family. Lafolette (1980)

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