The Analysis Of Timon Of Athens And Sonnet 99

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The Analysis of Timon of Athens and Sonnet 99 For thousands of years, human-beings have developed their own languages during the time. As well as England, many stories of how English language has been developed have been told. One of the most significant and influence events were Elizabethan era. During this era, one of the most important people of all time was born; William Shakespeare. To clarify, both Queen Elizabeth I and Shakespeare had inspired many people and both made their own great histories. Queen Elizabeth I supported arts, music, and Christianity while Shakespeare created masterpieces of great plays, and sonnets that no one can overcome. This paper is to inform about the backgrounds of Queen Elizabeth I and William Shakespeare, and also to discuss about one of his plays; Timon of Athens, and one of his sonnets; sonnet 99 respectively. To begin with, the Elizabethan era or so-called “Golden Age” took place between the year of 1558-1603. The beginning of Elizabethan era was harsh. Crowning a woman to be the leader of the kingdom seemed to be abnormal and unacceptable at that time. However, Elizabeth Tudor, who was a second daughter of King Henry VIII, was crowned among the conflicts (Guy, 1988). Additionally, as Queen Elizabeth was trying to bring back Protestant to Christianity in Britannia, the fight between the two sides of Christianity which were Protestant and Catholic had been increased highly (Herman, 2011). Apart from the religious fight, there were

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