The Ancient And Modern Olympics

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The Ancient and Modern Olympics are a turning point in history. Back then, the Olympics were an important part of their culture and brought fame and fortune to its winners. Participating in the Olympics was a huge honor today and back then. Even though the Ancient Olympics were for honoring the gods, like Zeus, to day anyone can participate. Every four years it brings people, fans or athletes, from of all over the world to one place to enjoy to glory of competing in the sports. The Olympics bring people together. Just for fun and the hope that your country will bring home a gold medal. The Olympics has evolved from just naked Greek men to both men and women of all races competing. The Olympic were important to the ancient Greeks. The first written record of the ancient Olympics date to 776BC. However, it is generally believed that the Olympic Games had been going on many years by that time. The Olympics were named for their location at Olympia, located in southwest Greece, The ancient Olympics were held every four years. The ancient Olympics were held in honor of Zeus, king of gods, during a religious festival. Only male Greeks were allowed to compete in the Olympics. Females were not allowed to watch the Olympics because the male athletes competed in the nude. The felt so strongly about women not watching that a women was put to death for watching. The athletes would train for ten months. After the ten months of training they would then go before a ten member panel for

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