The Meeting Of The Three Kings Analysis

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Throughout the history of the world, art has it's own history as well. The Ancient art period started before 500 B.C with it's characteristics were about God, Goddess and Heroes. After Ancient art period, the Medieval art period started from the fall of Roman Empire in 400 A.D. to 1400 A.D. which started after that were Renaissance art period from 1400 to 1550; including Early and High Renaissance (1400 - 1550) and Venetian and Northern Renaissance (1430-1550), Modern art period from 1880 to 1970; including Mannerism (1527-1580), Baroque (1600-1750), Neoclassical (1750-1850), Romanticism (1780-1850), Realism (1848-1900), Impressionism (1865-1885), Post-Impressionism (1885-1910), Fauvism and Expressionism (1900-1935), Cubism, Futurism, Supremativism,…show more content…
Bartholomew Altarpiece was also one of the great paintings of the Renaissance period. With a great impression of the shiny gold color of the sky, viewers can easily understand that this painting is obviously about kings and their glorious moments. The painting depicts the joyful meeting moment of three kings to continue their journey looking for their king. The composition of the painting are drawing viewers' attention right into the center where three kings and their servant. Even though most of the details of the paintings are right in the center it does not make the painting looks too busy but it give the viewers the joyful feeling by looking at it. "At first, because I was not accustomed to ... the wide expanse of view spread out before me, I stood there like a dazed person" (Petrach 3). Just like Petrach was amazed by the wonderful view when being on top of the mountain, viewers of the painting, The Meeting of the Three kings, with David and Isaiah, are also stunned by the joyful feeling within it. In the paintings, there are three little versions of three kings are on top of three mountain, "stand or kneel, watching for the star that will lead them to their king" ("The Meeting of The Three Kings"). By following the star, the three kings were ready to begin their journey to look for their king, and by then they rest because they know they would be protected by their king. This can be referred back to Petrach's letter when he archived his gold conquering Ventosum, the highest mountain in his region. "At its top is a little level place, and it was there that we could at last, rest our weary bodies" (Petrach
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