Egyptian Pharaoh Symbols

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S.S Ancient Egyptian Research Paper The ancient Egyptian pharaoh was the most important person, or ruler, of all the other roles on the Egyptian social pyramid. Being a pharaoh was more than just giving off orders and sitting in a royal chair. Even though they did give commands, they had tough responsibilities, such as to oversee festivities. The pharaoh also had to prove themselves worthy of earning the Egyptians respect. At least in their daily life, they get to relax a little until heading back to work. Though the king didn’t use any Egyptian tools, they did have symbols with them to show meaning. From what the pharaohs jobs and responsibilities were to what the pharaoh looked like, the
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The craftsmen created stylish jewelry for their royal leader. They used items such as precious stones and gold to create such luxurious items. They did often wear gilded leather sandals and their clothing was usually crafted with light linen. Often, the pharaohs would wear skirts made of the finest linen decorated with leather and beautiful jewels. The king might also be seen wearing a bull’s tail to show he has the strength of a wild bull. Also, the king would be seen with a false beard attached to his chin, a symbol of maturity. Weavers used young plants to produce almost see-through fabric, but most used garments of coarser texture. Ancient Egyptians paid great attention to their hair. Some dyed their tresses with henna, while others either shaved or cut their hair short. Some pharaohs wore a helmet or crown. Most of the time Egyptians would wear wigs to protect them from sunstroke. Another part of his ceremonial garb is the flail and the crook. The flail meant that the pharaoh would protect his people from evil-doers and foes. The crook represented that the pharaoh was the shepherd of his people. Each piece of clothing the king wore, had meaning and symbolized his importance to the country he would lead into being a powerful…show more content…
Without the Nile, they wouldn’t have been able to survive. The river provided food such as fresh vegetables, fruits, and fish. It also helped by having a routined irrigation and providing rich soil for the crops. The meat in Egypt was expensive, so only upperclassmen could have it daily. Adding spices like cumin and thyme added more flavor to their meals. A beverage they would have would be beer, something that they created originally. Grain was not only to make bread, but also was collected by the pharaoh as taxes. For upperclassmen, they occasionally used hunting and fishing as a sport, and to later end up eating what they have caught. Originally, before horses were introduced, hunting was done on foot, usually they hunted in bands to lead the animals in netted enclosures. Once they were able to use chariots, they were able to hunt faster animals, like gazelles and lions. The pharaoh seemed the have the most well rounded diet of all, since they were the leader of their
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