The Ancient Egyptian Sphinx

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Ancient Egypt Sphinx
A sphinx is a mythical creature with a head of a human(a king or a pharaoh) and a body of a loin (sometime with wings). However in ancient greek culture, the creature had the head of a women. The sphinx has come to symbolize strength and wisdom. The sphinx is located in the Great Giza Plateau, South Egypt. The sphinx was made in 2520-2494 BC for the pharaoh Khafre, the builder of the second pyramid at giza. The sphinx was built by the father of Khafre, King Khufu, who was also the builder of the Great Pyramid.

The egyptian sphinx is much kinder than its greek cousin. The Sphinx’s modern opinions for brutality and trickery spawns not from Egyptian mythology, but Greek. The creature’s most famous looks in Ancient Greek legend came from her run-in with Oedipus(a mythical Greek king of Thebes), whom she challenged with her supposedly unsolvable riddle. Ancient Egyptian culture valued its Sphinx as a much more kindly, no less powerful, godlike figure.

Egyptologists and archaeologists have thought that the sphinx was built about 4,500 years ago. It stands more than 65 feet high, 241 feet long and 20 feet wide, larger and taller than a six-story building. It faces directly east, toward the rising sun, for the god ra. It is entirely composed of megaliths, or very large stone blocks. Some of these megaliths weigh 200 tons each. The story of the nose of the sphinx is that a cannonball fired by Napoleon 's soldiers. Other form

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