The Ancient Era (BCE)

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Ancient Era - (BCE) The Ancient Era (BCE) is the most significant because it was the era that Philosophy was born. The work that the Philosophers created in this era has made a huge impact on our world today. One of the philosophers in this era was “Thales of Miletus” he was an ancient Greek Philosopher. Thales was born in c.624 and died in 546 BCE. Thales was the first Western Philosopher and mathematician in the world. He was also interested in philosophy, knowledge, mathematics, science, engineering, science, geography, astronomy and politics. Another Ancient Greek Philosopher was Plato. Plato was born circa 428 BCE and died circa 348 B.C.E at the age of 80. Plato created a dialogue called, “The Republic” which was created around 380 BCE. This dialogue was written about the definition of justice and is used to this day. Another famous Ancient Greek Philosopher was Socrates. Socrates was born circa 470 BC in Athens, Greek and died…show more content…
Medieval philosophy was also influenced by the beliefs of Jewish philosophy and traditions and Islam. Christian philosophy was a huge development in philosophy and Augustine of Hippo (354-430) who was a philosopher and Christian theologian, contributed to the development of Western Christianity and Western philosophy through his writings. Augustine of Hippo wrote a non-fiction book called, “The Confessions of Saint Augustine”, which was published in 398 AD. Another philosopher of this time was Boethius (480 AD-524 AD). Boethius created a book called, “The Consolation of Philosophy” which was created in AD 523. This book is important because it had the most influence on Christanity in this era. Another great philosopher of this time was Pierre Abelard (1079-1142). Pierre Abelard created a book called, “The Logic of Practice” which was written before
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