The Ancient Forms Of Government In Ancient Greece

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Ancient Greece had many different forms of government within its many eras and countries. To name a few of these governing styles you had monarchy, aristocracy, tyranny, oligarchy, and the founding of democracy. Overall each governing style can be found within a few time points throughout Greek history. Some Greek governments established mixes of different governing styles. Such as Sparta which had a mix of Monarchy, Oligarchy, aristocracy, and tyranny. Greece was truly the leader of political ingenuity due to the many laws, ideas, trade, people, and conflicts. Greece developed many political tools that aimed to spread decision making to the collective whole or representatives of the collective whole. Many of the governing styles found through out the world today have been inspired by Ancient Greek states.…show more content…
This means that the country is governed by the same royal family due to their lineage. Monarchy is found throughout Ancient Greece wether it be in Sparta 's two kings, Athens kings, or even in Macedonia with King Phillip II and Alexander the great. Monarchy within the Ancient Greek states was both obsolete and tested. Within the Spartan culture, kings were able to be balanced out by Ephors, which were elite members voted in by Spartan citizens.
The Ephors were a good example of the Aristocracy because they were aristocratic men of the Spartan society that were voted into the elite ranks of government. These members allowed for Sparta 's two kings to not have complete rule over Sparta. So if a Monarch was making brash or selfish decisions, the Ephors would be able to come together and counterbalance the
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