The Andruss Grief By Arnold Spirit Jr.

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Everybody goes through hardship even Native American boys on the spokane reservation except this boys hardship is way harder than most people.This story is about the personal story of a Native American boy who overcomes bullying, grief, and poverty to become more then then the people around him. First off the character Arnold Spirit Jr had so many bullying experiences in this story it wasn’t even funny, so i thought bullying would be a good topic to talk about in this essay.The first bullies talked about in this story are the Andruss brothers, they were thirty year old men who bullied a teenager.In the story the Andruss brothers were introduced shortly after Arnold and his bestfriend Rowdy arrived at a powwow near thier home.The Andruss…show more content…
Grandmother spirit’s last word were “forgive him” (Alexie 157) you can just tell by that his grandmother was a very wise and loving person just like my grandmother was before she died from cancer.The second person who died in the book was Eugene which was Arnold's dads best friend.Eugene was shot in the face in the parking lot of a 7-11 in Spokane by one of his friend Bobby.The police thought that Eugene and Bobby were fighting over the last drink in a bottle of wine, sadly later Bobby killed himself in jail.The last person who died was Arnold's sister Mary, mary meant so much to Arnold because she showed him that people can actually leave the reservation.Mary and her boyfriend died shortly after a party at their trailer in Montana, when some guy after the party tried making soup. That guy left the hot plate on and left forgetting to turn it off, soon after the curtains caught on fire then everything caught on fire. Mary and her
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