The Andy Griffith Show: Movie Analysis

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The story “The Monsters” is about how a meat eater or something crashed and then all of their power,cars,phones,and lawn mowers quit working,and starting. The movie “The Andy Griffith Show” is about how a new guy came into town and it’s like that place was his home town but it wasn’t .He knew everyone’s name,and job ,and some people were getting kind of scared-worried that he was sent over to spy but he wasn’t he just got the paper from there and started to read it and knew everybody and just wondered what they looked like. How the stories and books and compared and contrasted. Some keywords I look for to say are about,how,who,what,when,and where. In both stories-movies they are alike because they both have something that scares-worries them. Also something else is that they both are very suspishies and confused about something. They’re both happy in some point in the books-movies.They both think the worst of…show more content…
Another one is that both have a different problems. They both have a different complications such as one the electric went out and the other one is that the people are scared and worried about the man that came into town. At the end of the movie “The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street” the people are all arguing and mad at each other. And at the end of the movie “The Andy Griffith Show” the people accepted him as one of the people in the town and treated him very nice as they do the other people. Okay so the conclusion is that stories and movies can be different and the same. But the most important thing is to not to blame something on someone if you don’t know that they did it. Kind of like don’t judge a book by it’s cover. And if you don’t figure out the problem thin you and all the people will be angry and mad at each other and that’s not good. The main thing is that everybody should be nice and kind to each
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