Moka Exchange In New Guine Film Analysis

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This film is about Moka exchange in New Guinea, called Ongka’s Big Moka. The full film tells a man try to get more pigs and valuable items to get ready for the big ceremony, because a man can show off his ability, authority and prestige by organize Moka, or gift-giving. The Moka is an elaborate system of gifts which forges alliances and maintains peace among with every tribes. These pigs and items are also used for present at ceremony to another tribe, to build status, prestige and fame for his tribe and himself. Using Moka to elevate his status as the "Big Man" which a leader of a Kwelka tribe. The film follows a man try to be reach his goal and his ambition and tell us political and social gains in this area. First sense is a man feeding his pig and…show more content…
He plans and persuasion began to see his mocha feasible and to believe that he could be the greatest of all time. It is same to the other country money can get nice social status, reputation etc. but in Moka only a huge amount of gift can do that. To doing that. He should cooperation with many people. Interesting thing is Big man Ongka doesn’t have authority over the tribe’s members, he cannot give order to the people around him. the only way he can do is persuade them to help himself. What’s more the date of the ceremony is also a big issue for Ongka. The date is not a stable time; it changes by big man’s plans. By the way there is a funny sense, Ongka is walking to his favorite wife’s house, he has 4 wives and 9 children, the reason of this lady is Ongka’s favor because she can take care of pigs for Ongka. In the Moka rare birds are also can be gift, these rare birds are just as Chinese panda can make another tribes envy. People who take care of pigs have clearly

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