The Angry Grandpa Show Research Paper

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The Angry Grandpa Show stars Charles Marvin, known as Charlie, or Angry Grandpa. He 's a YouTube sensation with over a million subscribers. He 's been on television in shows like HLN 's Dr. Drew and MTV 's Pranked. Each video shows Angry Grandpa being pranked by his youngest son, Michael and Michael 's girlfriend, Bridgette. In some videos, Bridgette tells Angry Grandpa about the prank so that they can turn the tables on Michael. Grandpa has destroyed many things including a tree, Thanksgiving dinner and a PS4. In this particular video, Michael and Bridgette are touring a home that Angry Grandpa thinks they 're going to buy for themselves. He spends time exclaiming over the size of the rooms. He 's particularly excited about the bathroom
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