The Animahaven Tricksters: A Short Story

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The Animahaven Tricksters One day, a bright minded, inquisitive little mouse was strolling around a brightly colored city. This city, a utopia for zoo animals, was called Animahaven, and was a safe haven for all animals. This mouse very much enjoyed this city, and was friends with quite a few creatures within its walls. However, despite Animahaven being designed to be a peaceful kingdom for all animals, there were still interspecies rivalries. Even a friendly mouse such as the one mentioned above was not immune to the temptation to trick a rival. One day, the mouse had an idea. Being a mouse, he hated all the elephants, and wanted badly to humiliate one of them. Having such a wonderfully gifted mind, he quickly came up with a plan. The mouse went home that night, and walked through his tiny, mouse-sized door. There, he began his dirty line of work. Partying was one of the…show more content…
He secretly knew, deep inside, that the elephant simply couldn’t make it through his tiny mouse entrance. Later that week, the party commenced at the mouse’s house. Inside, there were great party games, absolutely amazing speaker blasting the most popular music, and wonderful food. All the members attending had a great time, all of them, that is, but the elephant. The elephant was unfortunately unable to come inside the mouse’s house, and could only listen to the fun festivities within. However, he did not get upset. He knew he had to remain calm in the face of adversity. Thinking quietly, the elephant thought to himself, “Getting mad will only cause damage to the city of Animahaven. No, that wouldn’t do. Rather, I will through my own party, invite the mouse, but make him wait outside by my door.” Within a week, the elephant was partying in his own house, laughing with all his friends. Yet the mouse was forced to remain outside. You see, the mouse lacked the strength to open the elephant's enormous doors, and thus, could not come
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