The Animal Farm Is The Embodiment Of The Most Perfect And Equal Society

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Farm is the embodiment of the most perfect and equal society.:

‘All animals are equal’
Animal farm starts with narrating the Old major’s vision which is that all animals are equal and should receive equal treatment. Old Major is potrayed as a grandfatherly figure and is considered as the wiseset of all in the farm. Before he died, he gave inspiration to the other animals to build a just and equatable place for all the animals. According to the Old Major, the only way to achive their vision was to put an end to their suffering which was a Man. Old Major suggested to conduct a rebellion against man and drive him completely out of the farm. “And remember also that in fighting against Man, we must not come to resemble him”. Just before his death, Old Major warns the animals against mankind and advises them to never adopt any humane qualities or habits. Napoleon and Snowball carries the Old Major’s vision forward by driving the man out of the farm and carving his vision in to seven commandments on the walls of the Animal farm. The seventh commandment written on the wall read, “All animals are equal” which was to serve as a basic right for every animal on the farm. But does the story serves right to achieve Old Major’s vison? Is it a perfect example of of creating an equal society? The answers to these questions will be explored further in the paper with the help of analyzing various character and situations of the story.
Soon after Old Major dies, animals rebel against Mr.
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