The Animation Movies In Disney And Disney's Toy Story

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People know the animation movies because most of them watch these kinds of movies when they were child. In the present day, the statistics show that thirty- three percent of people show the animation movies. The animation movies were first created in 1937 when Disney created Snow White movie. Disney created the first computer animated movie called Toy Story in 1995 which was the first part from series of three movies. The main meaning from the collection of Toy Story was about how the American Children dealing with these toys; however, there are many different meanings that they do not pay attention to it. In the first series of Toy Story, which was presenting in 1995, the character of the movie was Andi, the boy who have a lot of toys in his room, but his favorite one is cowboy toy calls Woody. When Andi’s birthday comes his friends give him a new toy calls Buzz. From that moment, Woody becomes the second favorite not the first toy as he was. So, Woody becomes angry and jealousy from Buzz. The movie shows the children how the jealousy of Woody makes problems between him and Buzz; however of this meaning that the people can understand from the movie, people can conclude other meanings. According to John Lasseter “child likes wonder and interest in the world, the observation of little things that happen in life.” For example, the movie shows the attitude of the American children who ignore the old toys that they have and like to play with the new toys. Another thing, the
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