The Annunciation And The Meeting At The Golden Gate

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Paintings often share many similarities, but they also always have differences. The two paintings “The Meeting At The Golden Gate”, and “The Annunciation” will always be remembered as absolute masterpieces from the 1300’s. “The Meeting Of Joachim And Anne” was created sometime between 1304-1306. “The Annunciation” was painted sometime around 1333. Both share very vivid differences and similarities which brings great uniqueness to that era of artwork. “The Meeting At The Golden Gate” was painted by Giotto for the Scrovegni Chapel. There is deep meaning in “The Meeting At The Golden Gate” painting. Joachim and Anne were married for 20 years but had no children. They wanted a child, and went to the temple of Jerusalem to make offerings and ask…show more content…
The painting is considered an absolute masterpiece and one of the greatest examples of Sienese Gothic painting, characterized by the wonderful elegance of both line and color. While painters in nearby Florence adopted rounder, more realistic forms, most Sienese artists in the early fourteenth century continued to prefer Duccio 's linear and decorative style, which used gold and strong color to create pattern and rhythm. The focus of this painting was capturing Angel Gabriel announcing to Mary that she will be conceived with Jesus Christ. The official words shown in the painting coming out of Gabriel 's mouth are “Hail Mary full of grace, blessed art thou among women” . Lots of line work goes into the Sienese style, which creates a very unique and detailed style for that time period. Another symbol within the painting, is the olive branch which symbolizes the coming of Christ. Above in the triangular space, the symbolism of holy spirit, angels, and a dove aiming its opened beak toward Mary. Mary has the body language of almost moving away, and hesitant of all these sudden announcements being made to her. The representation of this is modesty, as she is shown suddenly interrupted while reading the Holy Bible. (You can still see her finger as a placeholder in the middle of the Bible laying in her lap). This painting is known as Simone Martini’s best paintings of all time, and has been hanging in the Uffizi since

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