The Antagonist In The Book Thief

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Since the beginning of story writing, authors have included a character, force, or characters that have provided contrast to the plot. These characters are labeled antagonists, otherwise known as “the bad guy”. Antagonists sit in opposition with the protagonist, or good guy, and generate conflict in the story. Without these nefarious characters, the story would just be genuinely uninteresting. With that being said, antagonists are vitally significant and necessary. For various reasons, antagonists are inevitably a mandatory element in literature. Batman would be just a man in a costume if he was not fighting against his antagonist, The Joker. Additionally, antagonists are key to creating a plot. The protagonist learns and becomes a better person, and the reason for this is because there is a person whose purpose is to oppose them, the antagonist.FINISH AND EDIT THIS PARAGRAPH
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The Nazi Party is the minor antagonist, while Adolf Hitler is the major. These people are the core of Leisel’s issues in this story. She lost her mother because her mother is a communist, a label the Nazis opposed, therefore putting her mother in danger. For this reason, Leisel’s mother sent her to live with another family. Another part of the plot is the act of Leisel’s book stealing, which is a result of Leisel rebelling against Hitler and the Nazis. Leisel states in The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, “‘I knew it.’ The words were thrown at the steps and Leisel could feel the slush of anger, stirring hotly in her stomach. ‘I hate the Führer,’she said. ‘I hate him.’” When the girl steals the books, it is her way of defying Hitler. The whole foundation of this plot would be nothing without Hitler and the

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