Stonewall Riot Research Paper

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The 1960’s and before was a miserable time for the LGBT+ community, with simply expressing love being illegal. Police stormed into gay clubs to arrest said “criminals,” which is exactly what happened on June 28, 1969. The community was already fed up with the past - this just fueled the fire. Danny Garvin, a Stonewall rioter, said, “Something snapped. It’s like, this is not right.” Indeed this was how all protestors, gay straight or otherwise, felt in this moment. It could be said that the first Pride demonstration was not a parade, but rather the Stonewall Riots. While this event did not directly create any anti-gay movements, it influenced the idea that change was in dire need.
Since displaying homosexual acts was outlawed, anyone caught red-handed was imprisoned, and some were even sent to correctional facilities to fix what was believed to be a mental illness. An eighteen year old male by the name of Peter Price was victim of this and he was
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While other may say that the continuous bashing of the LGBT+ community was where the spark for revolution began, the real fight began at Stonewall because it’s lasting legacy is the most well known for fueling the ignited flames of the community. Reflecting back on 1969, citizens of the U.S. can truly see how much the current times have changed. Living in San Francisco, pride is a large festival attended by almost a million people every year. The crowd includes the entire spectrum of the LGBT+ society, as well as allies. Festivals elsewhere have thousands show up to celebrate their pride in being who they are, which was something the people in 1969 could only dream of doing. Thus, the Stonewall Riots are recognized as a crucial day in history for the gay community, and the reactions it provoked will continue to drive groups of activists everywhere to continue the fight for what is humanly
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