The Apocalypto: The Mayan Culture

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In Central America jungle in the beginning of the 16th century, a tapir is caught is caught by a trap while running anxiously in the forest. Then Young Jaguar Paw divides the tapir’s internal organs among his fellow hunters, from its hanging position impeded with spikes. Blunted, one of the hunters is given the tapir’s testicles as a joke since he and his wife have not been able to get a child. However, Flint Sky offers Blunted some remedy in form of red leaves, which he instructs should use the next time Blunted and his wife try to have a baby. The Maya civilization is a peaceful tribe but some warriors, who are in pursuit for slaves and human beings who will act as sacrifice for their gods attack it. Jaguar paw goes on to fight with his…show more content…
There is use of an authentic Mayan native tongue that supports the authenticity of the productions. But this is long betrayed by the portrayal of the Mayan culture of one that is blood-thirsty and gory. The horrific and gruesome nature of removing live beating hearts is not a direct portrayal of the Mayans' culture. The Mayans are depicted by as killers who enjoy what they do and they would kill anyone who they get on their way. The Mayans are portrayed as being savages. The Aztecs on the other hand are known to conduct mass sacrifices, though it is not known for sure how many people they would sacrifice at one time. Evidence of if the Mayans conducted mass sacrifices is yet to be revealed. The educated cultural side of the Mayans is missing from the production as only the assumed savage side is focused on. The Mayans have a great knowledge in mathematics, art, and astronomy. The producer does not strongly portray the positive nature of the Mayans culture. A great misrepresentation of the Mayans is depicted by the films all set, as the artworks used in the Mayan city are the exact replicas of the community’s unique artwork. In the tunnels there are paintings and drawings bleeding bodies and severed heads were put as an addition to enhance the context of the
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