The Apology Of Socrates: The Meaning Of Life

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Every time we are to learn something new, why do definitions jumpstart the process of education? Take, for example, “What is the meaning of life?” a statement that often fuels the start of rampant existential crises—why do these hard and unanswerable questions usually revolve around that of nature or being? It can be said that the repeating schematic of these questions comes from the understanding that knowing the essence and nature of something contributes greatly to the proper execution of any subject matter. Being knowledgeable of its inherent features and character gives people an insight on how best to go about that particular field.
Such is the case for Philosophy. From the Latin words phylos, defined as a love for something, and sophie, meaning wisdom, Philosophy is rooted in the love of wisdom, creating a direct connection between the two concepts. Thus, learning about the nature of wisdom can translate into deepening one’s understanding of philosophy, a truth emphasized in the Apology of Socrates and that which will always be relevant where there is a desire for education.
At first read, the Apology of Socrates is a simple speech that serves its purpose poorly. Socrates was put on the stand to defend himself from the charges of impiety and corrupting the youth. However, instead
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In fact, the pillars of philosophy’s relevance in modern times rest on these natures and on the values they promote. It is only with this humility, selflessness, inclination to explore and experience that one can truly excel and yearn for education. Anyone with a desire to learn has been positively affected by these values, and as such, philosophy becomes a root for positive change and
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