The Apology: The Importance Of Plato's Contribution To Meaned Today

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If we fail to acknowledge our hubris at the highest level, all of our society will suffer. We have given up our ability to evaluate life in favor of something far easier. For example, we choose to elect government officials who then act as tokens of our own values. This is the case in all republics be it Ancient Greece or the United States. By doing this we secure our fate and deny life itself. We deny the progression of humanity by denying a condition that makes us human. Which is the ability to evaluate and question life through our own eyes. An ability that Socrates argued for which ultimately led to his death. In this paper, I will highlight the importance of “The Apology” and how it contributed to its field as well as why it is still relevant today. The importance of “The Apology” and Socrates is that he served as a symbol towards the fundamental question of the “why” in life. Socrates argues that in a society like Athens where the ability to ask these types of questions are denied, the overall happiness of its citizens will eventually perish. The reason being that material objects can only satisfy the soul for so long. This is why Socrates felt that it was his duty to remind the leaders of Athens of the importance of their humility. He chose to seek wisdom within himself…show more content…
By questioning the system itself and the people who make it up, Socrates introduced a new way of thinking, which we refer to as the Socratic method. Following his death, various branches of philosophy sprang from his absence. Prior to him, the main questions that philosophy dealt with were things like metaphysics and epistemology. After Socrates, the branch that we call ethics began to prosper and evolve. “The Apology” is still taught today because it serves as a basis for one to start to understand themselves as well as highlighting the need to question one’s
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