The Apple Does Not Fall Far From The Tree Frankenstein Analysis

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“ The Apple Does Not Fall Far from The Tree”
Mary Shelley includes many ironies throughout Frankenstein. But one of its most evident major ironies entails the creation of the Creature and how it’s continuously perceived as a monster. Also, how Victor takes on the creature with the knowledge of that label. Although, the Creature and Victor are against each other, they are not aware of the many similarities they both have in common. The Creature and Victor both experience pain and isolation, both play a role of “God”, and are both filled with love and hatred.

The creature and Victor experience great amount of pain and isolation throughout the novel. The creature becomes isolated and alienated by the people around him because of his looks. He
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They both strongly despise each other but also despise themselves for their actions, which is one of many similarities. They both deal and play their own cards in life, which seems to always get them in trouble. Without a compromise there is no peace in a relationship. Take a different perspective and think about the reasons why they are both filled with love. Throughout the novel, Victor and the Creature are very resentful but it is because they care and do love. Even though the Creature kills Victor’s brother, it does not mean he has no love. He hides his love until someone takes the time to show him love. The Creature was resentful when destroying the Cottager’s house that showed his human like feelings. And, Victor shows the same anger when he denies the fact that what he has created needs to be understood. He created a Creature that has no knowledge of how to live in a society he is in. Victor does not even take the time to teach him rather shows immediate hatred to what he has created and cannot bring himself to tell anyone. Because of this, they are in a battle against each other. This is very similar to how individuals are today in society. Some families, brothers, and friends become very vengeful and do not see the real

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