The Applebees Character Analysis

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Living in the outskirts of Lexington, Kentucky, the Applebee’s enjoy their rural, serene lifestyle based upon the fruits of their labor. The family consists of four main members, living in a lower-middle class, white agrarian household. The mother and the head of household, Sally, has three children: identical-twin boys, named Huck and Billy-Bob as well as a daughter, named Mary-Ann. Being a single mother, Sally struggled her whole life in order to take care of her family, providing an absurd amount of hard work in order to support and care for her livelihood. The story of the Applebees is one that represents the pursuit of happiness as each family member lives vicariously through the support of one another. Thus, the story begins with the…show more content…
She had an alcoholic father who became abusive occasionally towards her and her mother. Both her parents worked long hours to upkeep the family farm, therefore Sally was often left in the care of her next door neighbor. Her neighbor’s teenage son sexually abused Sally for years and years later when Sally told her mother about it, her mother told her to keep quiet for fear of what it may do to the Applebee reputation. Due to all these risk factors, Sally’s Adverse Childhood Experiences score was 6 (extremely high) and she had a resiliency score of 4 (extremely low). This means that Sally has a greater risk of developing health conditions later in life, such as alcoholism, chronic depression, heart disease, etc. Fortunately, instead of allowing her rough start in life have control of her future, Sally continuously aims to give her children a better life and show them that she loves them unconditionally. All three of her children have ACES scores of 3 and resiliency scores of 10. This is mainly due to the poverty the family has lived in ever since the recession and foreclosure of the family farm as well as the fact that Sally is not with either of her children’s parents. For a while, Johnny, Mary-Anne’s biological father, was the father figure for the boys as well, but he was sent to prison for identity
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