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What is happening to the Arab family today? What are these changes doing to the family in the Arab world? Traditional or postmodern Arab family? What are the forces that have shaped Arab families of the past and families today? What are the family values in the Arab world today? What's next for Arab families? These are some of the questions raised and discussed throughout this proposed study.

The Family in the Arab World has been the focus on governments, media and research since many decades and interests in the Arab family has intensified following the political and social changes that have affected the region since 2010. However, little is known about the state of the Arab family. In addition, the Arab World, however defined, is too heterogeneous to allow meaningful communal debate of Arab family challenges and solutions. Although some research and data
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The Arab family has been undergoing significant changes as a result of structural changes at the level of socioeconomic production and social organization supported and reinforced by encounters by education, urbanization, economics, public policy, migration, conflicts and wars, media and technology and other challenges. These structural changes have begun to undermine traditional relationships, roles, and values. There is a need, therefore, for more data that is comparable across the Arab world. It is necessary to discuss existing indicators and find new ones that describe the situations of families and countries more precisely. This means going beyond the household unit, and collecting data at the family level in order to understand the current and future challenges facing Arab family. Moreover, there is a great need for examining the Arab family in the current context of struggle for social, economic and political transformation. The proposed study will provide a much-needed window on the state of the family across the Arab region. It will assess of likely demographic, socioeconomic and
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