The Arab Israeli Conflict And The Arab Israel Conflict

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Arab Israel conflict is a controversial topic and there are differing views for this conflict. While going into the details on the history of conflict, the viewpoints change dramatically based on the person narrating the story. It differs from the Israeli perspective and a Palestinian perspective.

In the 1800s, a group of Jewish population known as Zionists decided to create a homeland for themselves and considered various locations such as America and Africa before settling on Palestine. As time passed, more and more Jews (Zionists) immigrated to Palestine and tried to take over the land in order to create a homeland. This is also fuelled by the increasing number of Jewish immigrants to Palestine due to the rise Hitler’s power.

In 1947, United Nations intervened in the conflicts and divided the Palestine by giving 55% to the Jewish population. The Palestinians were not happy with the intervention nor the division of the state to Jewish people, who comprise of only 30% of the population and own only 7% of the land. The division was considered as not appropriate. It is said that the division lead to a war and this war included five Arab armies. But the actual fact is that the Arab armies come into the conflict only after 16 massacres committed by Zionists. It is also said that the Palestinians did not invade Israel as the battles took place on Palestinian land. After the war, almost 78% of the Palestine was conquered by Israel. While the Israel claims that, most

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