The Arabic Language: The Arab Language

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The Arabs have existed for a very long time with their name first being used as far back as 853 BCE. They have contributed a lot to the world and hold a significant position in its history. But many people to this day have debated about who the Arabs actually are. In my essay, I will give my opinions on who I feel the Arabs are. I believe language is an important factor in identifying the Arabs. The Arab countries are not only confined to the area of Arabia but also stretch towards the continent of Africa. Therefore, they have a diversity of culture within them. But what is one of the main things that unites them? It is their language, Arabic. The Arabic language has existed for a very long time and it part of the ancient Semitic languages and one of the only few that continues to exist. Even the Encyclopedia of Islam acknowledges the importance of language when it says, ‘“Arab” (in anthropology) is a primarily ethnic term denoting a people defined by a common language and putative common descent.’ The Arabic language has been hailed for its uniqueness. Its style, endless vocabulary, and the variety of tones it consists is something that has filled people with wonder. The Arabic poems have especially given the Arabs a whole new identity. Arabic poems are unmatched in their power and they have an awe inspiring beauty to them which has even bemused the Western people for thousands of years. The Qur’an however is the shining light of Arabic literature and Muslims believe it

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