The Arabs Horseman's Farewell To His Animal Poem Analysis

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Interview Interviewer: (laughs) Oh now I understand, there is always a hidden meaning behind your peculiar poetry. The comparison with Caroline Norton’s touching poem ‘The Arabs horseman’s farewell to his animal’ is mentioned in the poem ‘The Abandonment of Autos’. How is ironic? Bruce Dawe: Now I used this poem within my poem to create a contrasting effect by comparing the inanimate object – the car with the beloved horse. This is ironical because disposal of an object that you been accustomed to can cause a quite an emotional effect upon the individual as the car was loved but nowadays the same event and emotions are not felt as connectively. Interviewer: So are you saying, we do not have the same sensitivity and carefulness towards our…show more content…
This metaphor relationship is to reveal the effects of consumerism upon the world today, as neighbouring countries of America are constantly hauled and grasped by the powerful image of consumerism and how with it you are a complete person. The style I have applied to represent this metaphor is allegorical as the metaphor is sustained. Throughout this poem I have chosen only American items as it shows how the consumerism of America is dawning in on us. Such items I have used are “laminex” which is an American kitchen brand and “spam” that is tinned food from America. This gives immediacy to the relationship with “…play with mummy’s things” as America is now telling its neighbouring countries to experiment with its things. I have applied this metaphor to show an effect of how rapidly the world is changing because of consumerism as America is forming a basis to control its neighbouring countries with a flow of American goods imposed upon the other countries. As soon as the countries adapt to it, they stuck with it forever. This has explained consumerism fairly well as it represents the regulation of goods for a ‘better’ economy. Well that’s it from

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