The Archetypal Heros Journey In A Dog's Life By Ann M. King

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The archetypal Hero’s Journey is a pattern found in literature throughout many novels. In the novel The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien it shows a hobbits’ journey through a tough world on a quest to defeat a dragon. The hobbits’ name is Bilbo, and he and his acquaintances undergoe many trials and obstacles trying to reach the dragon. The novel A Dog’s Life by Ann M. Martin is about a dog who started out in a shed and is trying to survive out in the world as a stray. The dog’s name at birth was Squirrel, she withstands many trials such as fights and injuries with her companions. So, both authors portray the hero’s journey, but there are equal similarities and differences in their techniques.
There are similarities and differences in the first stage of the hero’s journey (Separation). To start off, both authors portray a force that is pulling the main character to do the task or go to a place. Gandalf and Bilbo’s adventurous side is this pulling force in The Hobbit and Bone is the pulling force in A Dog’s Life. Secondly, in the two novels they are different because the reason that they leave are different. For instance, when Squirrel leaves it’s because she wants to stay with Bone; when Bilbo leaves he leaves because an adventurous side pulls him to do so, and to prove the dwarves wrong on their accusations. In addition, both main characters are humble. To add, when Matthias tried to feed them Squirrel was hesitant but not aggressive; Bilbo doesn’t argue with the dwarves
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