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How difficult is it for someone to leave her home and community to enter and save a world that she does not understand and which is completely new to her? The film, Wonder Woman, contains a protagonist named Diana (Wonder Woman) who travels to the human world in order to destroy Ares, the God of War, in order to help the humans end the first World War. Wonder Woman is the archetypical hero; she experiences most of the stages of a warrior-type hero from her call to adventure to her newly awakened knowledge of human society and her place in it.
The path which Diana takes to become a hero is a testament to her physical and emotional strength as well as her understanding of the world. The film Wonder Woman begins with Diana living on an isolated
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Following Steve’s explanation of his involvement in the war, Diana is eager to play a part in ending it. Diana believes that Ares, the god of war, is responsible for all the fighting. However, her refusal of the call exists because her mother understands the dangers that Diana will be exposed to if she goes. When Diana realizes the number of lives that are at stake, she reconsiders her mother’s advice and decides to go. When Diana arrives in Britain, she enters a new and dangerous world where she begins to realize what humans truly are like. She learns that humans have many different personality and character traits: some are ruthless and selfless while others are kind and altruistic.The Road of trials occurs on the battlefield where Diana shows her courage as well as her strength as she helps the Allies take control of “No Man’s Land” almost single handedly. As the story continues, Diana identifies a German general whom she believes is Ares. In her mind, this man embodies pure evil, and so she kills him. This act does not end the war, however, which leaves Diana feeling confused and helpless. While she is in this vulnerable state, the real Ares appears before her and both her emotional and physical strength are…show more content…
For instance, when Diana is in “No Man’s Land” the camera shot used is a long which captures the battlefield along with Diana. This show her isolation and vulnerability; this is due to the fact that she is the only one brave and strong enough to go on the battlefield. Also in this shot, danger and suspense are shown through shadows and darkness which are features of low key lighting. Diana is a warrior hero who follows the hero’s journey for the majority of the film. Diana and the film Wonder Woman differ from other superhero films due to the showcasing of a strong and altruistic female hero who does not follow the final stage of a hero’s journey; which is return and reintegration with society. Just like how Diana and females are capable of becoming warrior type heros; all humans have the ability to be heros in the sense of our own unique journeys, trials and
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