The Architecture And Architecture Of Ancient Roman Architecture

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Ancient Roman styles

The meaning of architecture is ‘the art or practice of designing and constructing buildings. ' (Oxford dictionary, NA) The word Architecture originally came from a Latin word Architectus. It had been described as a combination of art and science. There were many styles of Architecture. According to the history, it was changed periodically from early civilizations as Mesopotamia, Egyptians and continue to Greek, then Roman, toward to Middle Ages till nowadays. In this research paper is talking about Roman architecture.
The civilization of Ancient Rome started from the 753 BC to 476 AD. The legend began after two brothers, Romulus and Remus1 found the Rome city and become the first King of Rome. The Romans are considered as one of the powerful empires of ancient times. It expanded its power to the Mediterranean region and also some large areas of Western Europe. Romans occurred after the fallen of Greek empire, not surprisingly, Roman was quite similar to Greek. Romans integrated many aspects of Greek culture into their own, including the Greek Architecture such as proportion and column orders. Not only that Roman architecture had retrieved from Greek but also absorbed a great deal from Etruscan art and designed.
In the Roman period, there was very famous architect named Marcus Vitruvius Pollio2. His writing De architectura or Ten Books on Architecture3 was impressed by the King ' Augustus4, the great king in that period. The book is about Vitruvius own
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