The Architecture And Construction Of The Palace Of Versailles

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Magnificently placed in Place d’Armes, France sits the Palace of Versailles. With 700 rooms and 2,153 windows, Versailles is definitely a palace fit for a king. Construction of this marvelous monstrosity began in 1661 and ended in 1682. The grand structure cost around 100 million dollars and took 35,000 men to build. Everyday life in the palace was very meticulous everything that was done was accompanied by ceremony. Each morning at 7:30 100 people took part in a ceremony to wake Louis. They continued to watch him wash, dress, and sit down for his morning meal. From breakfast Louis went on to the hall of mirrors, where he walked the hall just to give the courtiers and aristocrats a chance to see him. Next he proceeded to the daily mass, where he was again surrounded by people. After mass the Council of State was held. Then he had lunch at 1 pm. Evening entertainments were held by his son at 6 pm. Dinner was held at 10 pm, where the French cortege waited to get good seats so they could watch the king eat. After dinner the ceremony during which Louis went to bed began. The same people that were present for his waking were there to watch him go to bed.

Louis Le Vau was the architect who chose to build Versailles in the Gothic style. Le Vou was the first architect do any major work on Versailles. This talented architect built the King’s and Queen’s State Apartments and the white stone facade in the garden known as ‘Le Vau’s Envelope”. Also, Le Vau built the Menagerie in the

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