The Argument Against Animal Experiment

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For the view of against animal experiment, it will use the equal consideration theory to argue. Singer (2009) suggests that the principle of the equality is not required the equal or identical treatment, it is required equal consideration. The prerequisite to has equal consideration is the capacity for suffering, and it also is an important characteristic that gives a being the right to equal consideration (Singer 2009; Pojman, 1992). Those who have the ability to feel the pain, no matter it are a human or non-human, they should be morally equal. Therefore, for the same ability to feel pain, it should be given the equal concern and the right to live for the beings. Also according to Singer (2009), if the people want to avoid speciesism, singer suggests the human should allow the beings, who are having similar capacity for suffering, the right to live. The speciesism is the concept similar to racism and sexism. The people who are speciesism, they assume the animal do not feel the same pain as human beings do or think like the human. They also think human interest is more important than animals. It is a discriminate to animals due to the species (Singer, 2009).

In the case CRUK are funded the animal experiment in 2009. The detail of the
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The researchers do not consider the animal’s capacity for suffering, and they already knew the experiment will cause the animals suffer. After the experiment, the animal suffers pain and the researchers will destroy the animals because they are only the sample in the research. The animal has a very little chance to live. The experiment is exploiting the right of an animal to live. The destroy of the animal sample is treat the animal as a tool, the animals become the substitutes to test for the human being interested, and the test is fatal. It is speciesism. So, it is morally wrong to do aminal
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