The Argument Against Animal Testing

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More than eight hundred and twenty thousand animals were tested in 2016, according to a news article entitled animal experimentation, and many products, like popular makeup brands, use animals in an inhumane and unacceptable. As demand for products and medical cures increase, animal cruelty and testing has skyrocketed as well. Most people think that household items come from a factory where everything is created without animal participation. Unfortunately, many animals are used in many household items are from animal involvement, including everyday things such as soap. Rather often than not, people use many things tested by animals on a daily basis that you may not know about. Although some may argue that animal testing is beneficial, it should not be allowed because it misuses animals, it is an unnecessary use of drugs, and it is not beneficial with alternative options.

Even though there are efficient operations, one of the strongest arguments against animal testing is the mistreatment of the animals. Many animals are misused in testing rooms. One of the ways animals are mistreated is in tiny like prison cells in a laboratory for an average span of seven to eighteen days with minimal care. Animals in the laboratory are also subject to force-feeding, which is giving an animal a certain food that they may or may not want to ingest. This is done legally, which is an unacceptable act. Another item of importance is that ninety-five percent of animals are not protected under a
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