The Argument Against Gun Control

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"There 's a big hole in our hearts and a big hole in our family. I think we go through a range of emotions every day. Just stunned that this happened.”. These are the words of Ryan Petty, father of a 14 year old who was killed in the very recent and tragic Parkland, Florida school shooting on Valentine 's Day 2018. Since January 1st, 2018 there have been 17….let me say that again 17 school shootings and we’re only 3 months into the new year. That number is a new high in the first month and a half of the new year (According to CNBC News), since 2014 (15). Kids no longer feel safe in school anymore, which should be a safe haven for them through all of the bad in their lives, a place they feel protected. This is just one of the major problems concerning gun control and the new laws that will be proposed and debated within congress. Citizens should be well informed about: the argument for gun control and why it is the best way of dealing with the issue, the arguments against gun control, and the new laws being placed by President trump concerning the new age limit of purchasing a firearm, allowing school personnel to be armed with the consent of the board, and seizing weapons from those with mental disabilities. A huge question facing gun owners is now, are they willing to give up the firearms they possess to save another human beings life? Gun Control should be put into action to keep school shootings from happening and protecting the children of America. The significant
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