The Argument Essay: The Legalization Of Marijuana

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The topic of this controversial essay will be about is the legalization of marijuana. I will be advocating for the legalization of marijuana. The legalization of marijuana is so controversial because it was outlawed in the past, but now people are discovering new things it could do and wish to have it legalized once again. The legalization of marijuana can offer medical benefits, generate a lot of tax money, and decreases prisoner space. The legalization of marijuana can offer many health benefits. In the past, it was used as medical treatment for diseases such as malaria, rheumatism, fever, dysentery, or depression; as an appetite stimulant; or as a way to induce sleep. It can help reduce anxiety, depression, and restlessness. 29 states …show more content…

If marijuana is regulated and taxed properly, it can generate millions of dollars that can help pay the debt of the US and/or help cities rebuild a better infrastructure. Marijuana has become the third most popular drug in the US behind alcohol and tobacco. It is a renewable resource and is not just used for smoking; it can be used to make paper, oils, and cloth. Every year millions of tax dollars are being spent to enforce marijuana laws. If these laws were repealed and marijuana was legalized, we would not only make money from the marijuana, but we would also be using a lot less money to enforce marijuana laws. The legalization of marijuana would create an increase in jobs because it will create a new industry. It can create many businesses related to marijuana such as spas, textiles, paper, marijuana dispensaries, and many others. All of these will help boost the economy. The only reason it was banned was because of a man named William Randolph Hearst wanted to eliminate a textile competitor because he was using hemp to create his textiles. Hearst was big in the media so he launched a marijuana prohibition movement and later got marijuana banned in Congress. Marijuana is easy to cultivate. It is illegal to cultivate a lot at once because even though the state allows it because the federal government never legalized it. In the end, it would greatly help the country and we would

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