The Argument In Favor Of Gun Control In The United States

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In the United State gun control is a controversial topic that has been an endless debate between Left Wing and Right Wing supporter. This picture represents just that, two sides whose ideologies are fundamental to Gun Right Laws. It is an endless battle that is still being fought to this day, with no oblivious winner. With all of the violence related to gun, you’ll find that both sides have a different outlook on how this tragedy could have been prevented. This is why the argument of gun control is not an easy fix. On the right hand side we have the National Rifle Association. Their ideology is advocating for the second Amendment. That Americans have the civil rights to bear arms, and keep arms. No citizen shall be stripped away from their rights to have a weapon at …show more content…

I think his trying to imply that the staffs at the school should have been carrying their own gun. If this were the case than the outcome would have bean different. If I remember correctly no one at the school had a gun to defend against the attacker. I feel that the outcome would have been different if someone did have a license gun. If we look closely at the Left Wing supporter, he is wearing a black suit holding a newspaper that depicts the carnage that took place in a school. He has a rational point on why he is a supporter of gun control. The stated message here is the death that took place in a school by a gun. The implied message is that guns should be more regulated or ban. Than maybe this massacre would have not occurred. Today anyone can walk to a gun shop and easily buy a weapon with good or bad intentions. These people who decided to commit this cruel act had bad intentions. But what about those people who can just buy it off the street. Maybe this is why guns should be banned altogether. Too many lives have been lost related to gun violence and there seems to be no end to

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