The Argument Of Discocrates And Socrates: The Choices Of Crito

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Kriti Dhungel
Phil 101-3001
Paper 1
Crito 's first argument states that if Socrates does not escape then he will hurt Crito. Crito and Socrates had been friends for a long time and if Socrates is executed then Crito would lose really good friend and hence will be hurt. Also, Crito will gain a bad reputation because it would seem that Crito made no effort to save Socrates. No one in the country would know that it was Socrates choice to be executed and hence Crito would be blamed for not putting enough effort to save his friend. He can be blamed for having more love for money rather than his friend. Crito argues that it is a bad thing for a person to do something that would hurt a friend.
In his second argument, Crito tries to find out the reason for Socrates not wanting to escape. He tries to make Socrates understand that if he feared that his friends would get into trouble for helping him escape then his fear was baseless. Crito argues that as, his friends were risking for him, he should value that and escape, and it was also cheap to bribe the guard to escape.
In the third argument, Crito suggests that Socrates should escape the place for the love of his children as they may follow wrong path in the absence of the guidance of their father. Hence, for the love and well being of his child Socrates should escape the Jail. Crito even reminds Socrates of the principle that he follows. He argues that Socrates always wanted to pursue goodness in his life and hence would
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