The Argument Of Drug Legalization

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The argument of drug legalization has been a big topic in the news. Marijuana and opioids should not be legalized because they have several devastating health effects, and are terrible for society. People and organizations have been arguing for the right to legalize recreational marijuana. There are several problems with this. This is going to open the door to many future problems. This is going to make all kinds of problems like new addicts due to the availability of marijuana. People believe that marijuana is harmless it just makes you feel good, but this is not true it does make you feel better while also destroying your ability to make good conscious decisions. Marijuana works by making your brain release more THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)…show more content…
The legalization of marijuana is not as good and harmless as everyone thinks it is. Legalization would cause new users, and what is to stop those new users from becoming addicts themselves and stop them from over using it? What is to stop people from using it at work or during dangerous activities or potentially deadly situations. These people set the bar for how people would act if just marijuana was legalized. These people would be the people we rely on at work and with our lives every time we walk in a building, or drive our cars. Would people feel safe knowing that the thing they drive, and is to protect them in a crash was made by a person that was under the influence of a…show more content…
The argument for drug legalization is based off of first hand experiences and how they personally feel about it. They will argue and make people believe that everything is fine, and they will try to get people to go along with them. They will get people to believe them in many ways through music, movies, and trends. When they name facts on why legalization is good and should happen. They will only state the facts that are only good for their argument. The argument for continued delegalization will state the facts for them and against them. They have scientific facts that will state that drugs do have some positives and negatives. Most people will say that marijuana is fine it does good things with no bad effects it just makes you feel good and relaxed. Jacquie Itsines said, “Many doctors see potential benefits in medical marijuana, such as treating seizure disorders. But right now, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not recognize the raw marijuana plant as medicine. “To become medicine under FDA guidelines, it would need to be proven safe and effective in a clinical trial,” says Erin Parsons Garrett of the University of Mississippi School of

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