The Argument Of Fruit Punch Kool-Aid Mascots

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You just got home from a long day at the beach, and all you want is a refreshing drink to cap off the day. You look inside the fridge, and find nothing appealing to you. Then you remember about the packet of Fruit Punch Kool-Aid in the drawer. This small pouch is incredibly affordable for the pitcher it can fill. It showed the world that by mass production and an affordable price, their product can be owned by anyone. Since the beginning of Kool-Aid, they have always adjusted their advertisements to fit to the times koolest trends. The Kool-Aid mascot was also a big reason for their popularity and growth over time. Kool-Aid is the best soft drink company at finding ways to compete with Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Growing up, it was always a treat to get a glass of Kool-Aid. Not just because of it’s flavor, but because I was able to have more Kool-Aid to drink than soda. I was only able to have soda one day on the weekends, but Kool-Aid I could have several times a week. I was also trying to be like my older brother; he would make a pitcher of Black Cherry Kool-Aid and pour me a glass. He never really was at home often, as he would go hang over at his friend’s to avoid my sister and I. But when he was home he was always willing to…show more content…
In 1954, Marvin Potts, an art director for General Foods, watched his son trace a smile on a frosty windowpane (Riggs 928). Potts Took that idea by drawing a smile on a frosty pitcher of Kool-Aid (see Appendix Figure 2). Later on, Kraft decided to take the smile to the next level by marketing the product as a character, the pitcher man, later known as the Kool-Aid Man. Kraft looked into using this character to appeal to the children audience, from six to twelve years old. Depending on the flavor of the drink, the Kool-Aid Man would change its appearance to match. The Kool-Aid Man became the icon of the
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