The Argument On Technology: The Use Of Technology

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Technology has become the new ‘it’ thing these days, its influence spreading throughout the entire world like wildfire. Technology surrounds us everyday - we use it to do even the simplest things in daily life. Humans have now become incredibly dependent on technology until it has affected our creativity and communication, whether we realise it or not. I am of the opinion that there are always two sides of a coin, and it ultimately depends on which side we would choose, the good or the bad. The advantages of the application of technology in our lives has enabled us to augment our personal creativity, especially those whose careers or interests lie in the more creative line of work. The production of softwares that enhance the quality of an artist’s work has proven to be the one of many perks for those who are involved in animation. A very good example is the development of a computer program, Hyperion, by Disney Animation during the production of the animated movie “Big Hero 6”. The software essentially simulates the physics of light and makes the animation more lifelike. Hyperion was then used in later works such as the movie “Zootopia” and the short “Frozen Fever”. Without this technology, graphics surely would not be as vivid and enticing as they are now. However, there is always a bane to every boon. We have become so reliant on technology to the point that it has hampered our ability to invent or create new things. Every interesting thing we see on the Internet is
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