The Argumentative Essay Of Helicopter Parenting

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Statement Of Intent: This essay aims to discuss the controversial topic of Helicopter Parenting. It employs a range of tones including: argumentative, wry and humorous to put forth the grave consequences of over parenting in a light hearted manner. It is stylised as a Time magazine feature article with the purpose of shedding light on this pressing issue. The language used is semi formal while addressing a wide audience ranging from parents to children. ________________________________________________________________________________ Helicopter Parenting: hovering over victims since the 90’s In this week 's feature article our special correspondent Lily Aldrin: a world renowned counsellor and mother of two; discusses the ill effects of helicopter parenting- a major issue that is currently hovering over the education sector. Now that helicopter parent is in the dictionary, are helicopter parents here to stay or soon going to fly away? A helicopter parent as defined by the Oxford dictionary as a parent who takes an overprotective or excessive interest in the life of their child or children. These parents tend to hover around their children and engage in…show more content…
This sort of over parenting could be a consequence of a multitude of reasons, the more obvious ones being anxiety relating to the future success of their children, societal pressure and their personal upbringing. Interestingly, newer reports highlight links between this method of bull dozer parenting and the economic crashes in 2000 and 2008; the lack of certainty and stability in the economy started to become a cause for concern regarding their children’s futures. Furthermore, the advent of social media has upped the ante resulting in parenting feeling like a race to acquire the most awards and achievements. Lastly, the most prominent factor is the unbounded childhoods they experienced, in which many faced years of floundering without steady guidance and oversight and daily

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