The Argumentative Essay: The Role Of Love In Romeo And Juliet

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Love Argumentative Essay
Love, according to, is an intense feeling of deep affection. This feeling of deep affection is a magical feeling that lasts a lifetime. In stories such as Romeo and Juliet, the “Gift of the Magi”, and the “Sonnet 116”, the reader can see how love is a force of good. These stories show how love influences the characters to make good decisions. Although love at times can inflict harm, love is a force of good as it joins people together, brings out the best qualities in a person, and provides joy.
Looking at the book Romeo and Juliet, you see love as a good impact as it brings people together. In this book, there are two teenagers, valiant Romeo, from the Montague family, and beautiful Juliet, from the Capulet family who fall in love and marry each other secretly. In the end, they kill themselves based on their love and when their parents find out, they end the feud to honor their children saying, “O’ brother Montague, give me thy hand.” (5.3.296) Here, love connected the Capulets and Montagues. Because of love, a feud ended and peace was restored between the families and the streets of Verona. Not only does love bring families together, it also brings the two people in the relationship together. The poem, “Sonnet 116”,
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An example of this is when Romeo was so depressed because the woman he loved, Rosaline, didn’t love him back, but once he met Juliet he was happy again.”No, I have forgotten that name and that name’s woe.” (2.3.46) Romeo only comes back from his depression because he met Juliet and realized she was the one he truly loved. This shows how love is a force of good as it got Romeo out of his depression and happier than he was before. The creation of joy is another reason why love is a force for good and doesn’t inflict
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