The Arguments Against John Cabot

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Opening argument against John Cabot On May 20, 1497 John Cabot started a voyage with 1 ship and a crew of 18 men. This voyage was granted to him by King Henry VII of England. Little did the crew know they were sealing their fate. When the men were exploring they had to endure the awfulness of their captain, John Cabot. He talked down to them and always made them feel useless. Let alone the fact that he acted as if he could care less about their lives. Although, the crew pushed through his torture for as long as they could. The ship landed in what they thought was Asia, but it was actually present day Canada. Here they encountered the Beothuk natives and the tribe chief, Akecheta. Akecheta watched them as they trampled all over their land wandering from place to place. For the time that they watched them they could not decide who…show more content…
The whole crew was worried, but John assumed that everything would be fine and he continued to sail. The men again told him that the food supply would not last them 2 more days, yet John kept on. This time Hugh and Elyot told him we are complete out of food. John acted as if he didn’t care, but this time he packed up and started towards England. The men happened to be down by his chamber when they smelt a peculiar smell. It was that of limes and other food. Before the men could further explore, John came downstairs and disrupted their findings. This suffering went on for about a week. Men kept dropping like flies, but John himself stayed full and healthy. When John arrived in England his crew had died. However, the King still paid him all of the money due. John was also given a 2nd larger voyage that he also failed at. The money and fame is John Cabot’s motive for killing his crew. In conclusion John left his crew with the unknown natives, watched them starve to death, and still got all of the
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