The Armenian Genide And The Exermination Of The Armenian Genocide

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The word exterminate is often used when referring to the elimination of unwanted pests insect or animal that intrudes upon an area. Even then the removal or elimination of such creatures never reaches the point of total extinction. The reason behind this is simple, a universal train of thought that no one has the right to remove a species or totally destroy organisms on this planet. However, when the word exterminates is applied to humans it takes on a totally different meaning one that strikes horror in civilizations. The word extinct or exterminate is replaced with genocide when it refers to the intentional or deliberate destruction of a group of people because of nationality, race, or religion. This was the case within Ottoman Empire they would attempt to destroy an entire race over religious beliefs. The Ottoman Empire 's found a solution for social differences within its borders; it came in the form of the removal of the Armenian people. Even though it is deniable, the Armenian genocide is the first incident of its kind, it creates the definition of the word genocide, and it established the stages of all atrocities of this type. The first incident with the Armenian began in 1894 and 1896; this action was referred to as a “box on the ear”. The extermination was state-sanctioned by the Ottoman Empire in response to protests by Armenians. The Ottoman military assisted by Turkish citizens’ pillaged Armenian villages and cities and massacred their citizens. According to

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