The Armenian Genocide: The Massacre Of Millions

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The Massacre of Millions
The Armenian Genocide was a horrific event that left the Armenian population devastated when around 1.5 million Armenian people were killed, which is around 1/5 of the amount of Jews killed in The Holocaust. Genocide is the mass killing of a certain group of people because of their ethnicity or their beliefs in order to spread hate and fear. The Armenian Genocide was committed for the purpose of exterminating the Armenian people and to make them feel worthless as human beings. Similar to The Holocaust, the perpetrators were successful in killing millions of people and spreading fear within the population. While this is a very sensitive topic to learn about, it is necessary for people to learn about the genocide, in order for these mistakes to not be made again.
The perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide were the Young Turks, a group whose goal was to modernize Turkey and eliminate the “impurities,” (the Armenian people). The Armenian Genocide started when Young Turks deported, arrested and killed Armenian men on April 24th, 1915. This is known as the official starting point of the
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The major event that is known to have started this genocide was the killing and deportation of the Armenians. The Young Turks took radical measures in order to kill the Armenians, such as the release of convicted killers from prison and put them on the mission to kill any and all Armenians. The Armenians were often rounded up and slaughtered and were publically humiliated. Soon after these events, the Law of Deportations was put in place forcing children, women and elders to leave their homes and possessions. In these marches, many died of disease, starvation and exhaustion. In all, approximately 1.5 million Armenians died in the Armenian Genocide (Armenian Genocide 1). These incidents left the Armenians completely emotionally and physically
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