The Arrowkid: Summary

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With time, Darkwing did indeed give her more freedom. They went on genuine patrols, did actual crime-fighting even. However, Darkwing maintained his iron rule against solo missions, even the light patrols; Gosalyn, of course, had a solution: one Honker Muddlefoot. Honker, her best friend and frequent partner in shenanigans, would reprise his role as Quiverwing Quack’s trusty, if cowardly, sidekick ‘The Arrowkid’. Darkwing agreed, only because he never expected Honker to actually say yes. In retrospect Darkwing realised he should have seen it a mile away; where determination and stubbornness fuelled Gosalyn, young puppy love was what compelled Honker.
Darkwing saw the silver lining in the unexpected turn and he did not need Morgana to point out pros of the arrangement. It gave him an excuse to delay her solo patrols by another few months to get Honker properly trained. Even Gosalyn could not and would not argue against that, even if she would be bumped back to the grunt regimen -again-. Her best friend was precious to her and she would not forgive herself if he was injured, or worse, because of her impatience; Honker, for all his smarts was the sort of boy who could hurt himself walking down the
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The duo of Quiverwing Quack and Arrowkid was born and they proved themselves to be capable crime fighters in their own rights. Arrowkid assisted Quiverwing by not only ensuring she had the proper arrows but also constantly computing trajectories for trick shots. In melee the pair were no less capable. Quiverwing was just as dangerous in close quarters as she was at range; the outright zeal she displayed was almost frightening, even to Darkwing. Arrowkid turned his clumsiness into an asset: moving with his stumbles and trips as opposed to resisting them gave a 'Drunken Master ' quality to his movements. The limber physique developed over months of training only enhanced this. Though not much on offence, young Arrowkid would prove a frustratingly difficult target
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